Monday, September 22, 2008

Holiday World 2008

Yesterday's trip to Holiday World was perfect! We got there around 11:30 and was amazed that there was only about 100 cars in the front parking lot. The weather was great, the park was not crowded at all, and there were no lines for anything. We didn't have to wait in line for food. There was no lines for the rides and we were able to stay on the rides for multiple times without having to get off. I don't think we could of planned a better day. The morning started off wet and yucky, but by the time we got there, the rain stopped and the sun peaked out of the clouds off and on. Me, Beth, Bowen, Heather, Zoe, Brent, Kathy and Owen had a wonderful time!! In fact, I believe we are planning a trip back next Saturday.

You know me and my camera got a little picture happy, so I've uploaded quite a few pics in this post.

I love in this picture how you can see her peeking her head over the side of the ride for the picture.

Bethie spoiled Zoe by letting her play games and winning prizes. This is her new stuffed puppy Hershey. (I wonder where she got that name from???)

This ride has got to be my all time favorite ride. It's the Turkey Whirl. But in my younger days, it was called the Virginia Reel. Zoe, Heather and I rode it a few times, and then Zoe and I got back on and rode it a few more times. #5 is a real spinner! LOL!

Poor Bethie really couldn't ride anything so she was bummed watching us ride her favorite ride over and over and over again.
Here is Heather and I on the "Raven"...
Now this! It's the kids miniature version of the Liberty Launch. We were surprised that Zoe wanted to ride it, since Heather said she has never wanted to in the past. (Notice her expressions in the Before and After pictures.)
Here is Miss Thang and I giving Santa a hug.
These ole' time cars were one of the few rides that Tootie could be on. Brent's giving her a little drive through the park.

This is Bowen's parents out for their Sunday drive.

I don't think Brent was all that thrilled riding this ride either.

Awwww....the Raging Rapids. No one wanted to ride this ride other than the kids. I think it has something to do with walking around the park in wet street clothes. Yuck!

One more time on the Turkey Whirl for Miss Zoe.
And last but not least....the Master turkey caller.

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MeChele said...

I didn't know Heather and Bowen were married. Their kids are adorable! Bowen's changed so much! Looks like you guys had fun, we love HW!!!!