Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Wonderland 2013

While I was off work for my surgery, we had our first big snow of the year around the first week of December.  And it accumulated within just a few short hours!  I don't remember how much we got, but it was alot!  And I was bummed that I couldn't go out and play in it or go sledding with friends!

I took this picture when I first got up and saw the snow, and with in a few hours, the entire ground was covered deeply as you can tell in the second picture.

The front yard picture I took after we had gotten a good bit of snow (notice the sidewalk lights), and by the end of the night, they were almost covered (as you can see in the second picture).

And my animals aren't a fan of the snow either.  My guess is because they are low-riders!  LOL!  Thank goodness for this little patch of grass that ran the whole length of the house so they could do their business outside instead of inside on my floors!  

When Shawn did come home, I had him go out and shovel the ramp and a little area on the patio so the dogs could finally go out.  I love the look of disgust on his face because I am taking his picture and he knows it will show up on Facebook.  Hee :)

Shawn had called to tell me he was on his way home for the day so me and the dogs were on the lookout for him.  I captured a few pics of him driving in the snow up the driveway....

And then he got stuck just inches before getting the car in the garage....

...and had to get out and shovel his way in.  

I had to end up getting in the car and driving it in the garage while he pushed it.  He was all too thrilled about this, and the fact that I was taking pictures the entire time!

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