Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Day Fun

Since Shawn and I had all of our Christmas activities on Christmas Eve, we didn't have anything really have anything planned on Christmas Day.  We slept in and went to lunch at Tepanaki's, a Chinese/Hibachi/Sushi restaurant here in town.  We felt like the family on the Christmas Story...having Christmas dinner in the Chinese restaurant...fa ra ra ra ra ra!  LOL!


After lunch we headed to our friend's the Robinson's to hang out for the evening, maybe watch a movie or play some games.  Our friend's the Lantrip's came over too.

We were all sitting around trying to make plans to go bowling the next day cause they had some Groupons for Franklin Lanes.   They had went a week or so ago and wanted us to go too.  Someone suggested since we were all already together, why not just go now.  So we all loaded up and headed to the bowling alley on Christmas night.

Let me just say I am not a fan of bowling.  It's OK, but not really my thing.  A long, long time ago, I was on a league with some friends (I wasn't any good at then either), and I think it burnt me out! 

We had a good time bowling and hanging out with friends.  I bowled one game and over half of those balls were in the gutter.  I really probably shouldn't of bowled, I was wore out from being sick and having surgery, which is why I only bowled one game and everyone bowled 4 games!

Even though bowling isn't my thing, I'd definitely go again if everyone wanted too.  I'm a good sport like that ;)  Hee!

And I saved the best for last...
Kristi bowling a S-T-R-I-K-E!!

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