Sunday, January 12, 2014

Children's Church Lock-In

Our Children's Church had a lock-in back in December and I took Gavin cause I knew he'd have fun.  We didn't stay the night like everyone else did though...Aunt Stace prefers sleeping in her own bed versus the floor of the church.  Gavin didn't want to stay either.

We had lots of fun playing musical chairs, freeze dance, hot potato, and twister.  They also had a candy cane hunt, and a snowman race.  We had yummy pizza to eat and then some snacks we brought....Gordetto's and chocolate crème Oreos :)  Those are Aunt Stace's fave cookies!

I snuck this picture when we were praying for our food.  Gavin cracks me up when he closes his eyes to pray!

Don't they make a cute snowman couple?  Hee ;)
And "Miss A" made an appearance during devotion time to tell us all about the story of Baby Jesus!

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