Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TTC: What a day yesterday was

I realized yesterday, by looking back through my blog, that back in 2008 when we were first starting with TTC and doctor appointments and taking fertility medicine that I blogged about all of that stuff.  Last year, I don't think I blogged about any of it.  I now know I need to start back with this again.  Those blog posts came in really handy with a little situation that came up with the fertility medicine I have taken. 

Yesterday was a very, very trying and tiring day for me.  Let me go back to Saturday evening when I got the mail.  There was an envelope in there from Meritain, my health insurance provider.  It was a different envelope than they usually send so I opened it up; usually Shawn goes through all the mail.  Inside the envelope was two letters from them saying that the insurance had overpaid for my fertility injections that I took last year because once I met the deductible, they only pay for 50% of them, and that we owed them close to $3,000.  I was confused and thought that they did something wrong because with all of the doctor bills and the surgery I had last year, that surely I would have met the deductible.  So I grabbed the medical file in our filing cabinet and sorted through everything to pull out everything related to our TTC journey and my surgery....EOB's from the insurance, doctor bills, hospital bills, etc.  I had already had alot of stuff in my other TTC folder so I put some organization into the two folders and then went through each EOB and bill and documented on an Excel spreadsheet everything that was paid to try and figure out what was going on.  Then on Monday I planned on calling the insurance to try and figure out what the letters meant.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I have a friend that works for my insurance company so she was going to call me at 10:15 on her break to help me figure out what the problem was.  In the mean time, I decided to call our HR lady at work to ask her where I could find our most recent paper that listed what our deductible was and listed what was/was not covered and at what percents.  She asked what was up and I told her about the two letters I got from the insurance and how I was trying to figure out what was going on.  She asked me to scan and email the letters to her and she would forward them our reps at the insurance company and at our brokers that handle the insurance to see what was exactly going on.  Through a few emails and phone calls, it was discovered that my insurance covers 50% of the injections/medicine once my deductible has been met and then I pay the other 50% (back in 2008 I understood this, but when I went to order the injections then the lady told me all I had to pay for was the prescription co-pays according to my insurance and that's all she charged me for, so that's all we've ever had to pay when ordering the injections).  Apparently my insurance has been paying 100% of this and shouldn't have been and it has just now gotten caught; thus the bill for $3,000 for the injections we took last year. 

I was so upset all day yesterday over this.  I was crying and every time I thought I would be OK, I would start crying again.  I had to end up leaving work an hour early so I could collect myself.  I was upset that we are going through all this, I was upset at the amount of money, I was upset knowing that we were going to have to start spending more money than we were prepared for or were used to paying, I was upset wondering what we are gonna do next since we have a doctor appointment Monday to move forward with TTC, I was upset because it's not fair that for whatever reason, I am being punished by God.  Once Shawn got home we were able to discuss a few options that we have.  We are going to continue with our doctor appointment on Monday and see what Dr. Gentry wants to do and then figure out where to go from there. 

Yesterday I was upset that I let the devil steal my joy and destroy me.  Today I'm giving God all the glory!  As I am always saying to others, God's Got This!  He is my provider and my strong tower!  I'm putting it all into his hands and praying for his will!

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