Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Did you see that? Rewind it!!

Shawn hosts many UFC fight nights at our house.  Pretty much anytime there is a UFC fight on pay-per-view, Shawn rents it and has friends over.  Benefit of working at the cable company is that these fights are half price!  Shawn has a bad habit habit of often rewinding the TV when something good happens.  He'll say, "did you see that?  Let me rewind it!".  One of our friends thought it would be funny to get a shirt made with Shawn's picture on it that said "did you see that?"  LOL!!  He mentioned to me in the past that we need to get these shirts made, but that's all that it was.  Then Saturday night he showed up at our house wearing one!  The look on Shawn's face was priceless!  LOL!!

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