Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy "Valentime's" Day Shawnie :)

I had thought of a couple things to get Shawnie for Valentine's Day, but one thing I knew he would use one time and then never again and I didn't know much about it to really even know which one to get, and the other thing I knew he would want to pick out cause I think he's already got his eye on one.  So what better gift than a sweet treat!  These are semi-homemade Reese's peanut butter cupcakes with homemade peanut butter icing!  I know, I know...I outdid myself ;)  HA!  I had a similar style cupcake at a work function the other day and it was really good, so I decided to try my hand at it and make Shawnie some.  I scoured the Internet and finally decided on this recipe from Pinterest.  I put a Reese's peanut butter cup in the bottom of 12 muffin cups and then mixed up a devil's food cake mix and put a scoop of that in each muffin cup and baked them according to the directions on the cake mix box.  Then I used the peanut butter icing recipe from the link above.  Oh is good icing!!  Then I topped a couple of them with a chunk of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!  Did I mention that these are really, really, really good!  I've only made a homemade icing one other time and it was yummy too!  We are also going out to dinner tomorrow night to the Bonefish and to the movies for the rest of our Valentine's gift to each other.

Shawn surprised me with another gift!  I had ordered me an Origami Necklace that I had blogged about here for my gift so I wasn't expecting anything else.  He bought me a new Bible for at church.  It was also engraved with my name on it.  I had been wanting one for a while and actually went to the Christian book store a couple weeks ago and looked at them, but couldn't find the exact one I was looking for. 
Shawn's funny!  When he handed me the gift, it was in a big box wrapped in red gift wrap with a fun white, tulle ribbon and there was a Marian's Hallmark Store sticker on it.  I figured the gift inside came from Hallmark Store, so after I opened it and saw it was a Bible, I asked him if they engraved Bibles now.  He said no, he got the gift at the Christian Bookstore, but didn't have time to wrap it and he knew that the Hallmark Store had gift wrapping so he took it in there and asked the ladies if they would wrap it for him.  They did for 75 cents!  LOL!!  Not a bad wrap setup for 75 cents!

Saturday evening at church, the Children's Church is having a Valentine's party so I used half of the cupcakes from Shawn's Valentine present and made some for the party.  I found these cute owl-themed cupcake wrappers and owl toppers at the Dollar General Store last night for a $1.00 and I had some sprinkles from the other day's candy making.  

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