Thursday, February 21, 2013

TTC: Unsuccessful SIS

We had an appointment last Tuesday at Dr. Gentry's office to have a saline induced sonogram (SIS) done to check my uterine cavity and to possibly see how much the fibroid has shrunk, but mainly to see if Dr. Gentry could cath me so that he could perform a cath when we try our first artificial insemination (IUI).  Unsuccessful.  All of my female parts on the inside of me are not in their respectful places because of that fibroid.  So Friday I am having another MRI done of my pelvic area so that Dr. Gentry can see how much the fibroid has shrunk since the UFE (aka Surgery from H3LL) I had done back in the fall, to make sure the blood flow has stopped to that fibroid, and to see what all is going on because he thinks I am going to now need another abdominal surgery to actually remove the fibroid.  Looks like that $1,000 deductible is going to be met alot sooner than we even planned!

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