Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poor Sassy Hose :(

Poor Sassy Hose :(  My mom's dog Sassy got attacked by two pit bulls last Thursday afternoon.  Mom had her on her leash and was taking her out behind her apartment building to go potty when these two pit bulls attacked her.  Mom said she was yelling and screaming and had a stick beating the dogs to try and get them off of Sassy.  Another lady was out there too helping mom.  She said people were in there apartments yelling through the window.  Someone called the cops.  Eventually they were able to get them apart.  Mom said after the incident, her, the cops and some other residents of the high rise were standing out front and the dogs came back and tried to attack a lady.  The cops tazered the dogs and it hardly phased them!  Mom had to take Sassy to the vet.  Thankfully the owners of the bit pulls accepted responsibility and paid the vet bill for mom, were very apologetic about the whole situation, and are trying to find new homes for the dogs.

I'm thankful that mom didn't have Gavin out with her as she often does!  I'm also thankful that Sassy Hose had minimal damage to her.  It definitely could of been alot worse! 

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