Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daniel Fast 2013: Because There's More

Sunday marked the start of the Daniel Fast.  This is our 4th year doing the fast.  I had inquired from other church members early last week if anyone had heard if we were doing the fast this year.  I was told that we probably weren't with our pastor out of commission.  I always enjoy the fast, cause it gives me a jump start on weight loss, along with the spiritual aspect of it.  I was bummed when I heard we weren't, but then I was relieved.  I mean who really wants to give up everything yummy and delicious for 21 days anyway!  Then a day or two later, I saw my Pastor's FB status and it said that we were starting the fast on Sunday.  WHAT?  I thought we weren't doing it.  At first I was aggravated....I was excited that we weren't doing it, I have to meal plan, I have to grocery shop, I need more time!  But after the fact set it, I was excited to be doing it.  I've meal planned each meal for the first week, I wrote out my grocery list of everything I needed and I hit the store on Friday so we would be ready to go Sunday morning. 

Our breakfasts consists of bananas and nuts, maybe an occasional bowl of organic cereal.  Our lunches consist of the leftovers from our dinners the night before.  And our Sunday night dinners will probably consist of veggie burgers and spicy cubed potatoes.

Below are some photos from a few of our different meals.

Beans, fried potatoes and corn

Chili with veggie crumbles

Brown rice veggie paella and fruit salad

Fried rice

Armed with snacks for the day!

Seasoned potato fries

"Meat" and potatoes

Spicy potato cubes

Taco salad/dip

Spaghetti with garden veggies

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