Saturday, January 5, 2013

PCB Thursday: Beaching it all day :)

Thursday morning I got up early as usually.  And my routine went on as usual...I stepped out on the balcony and watched the ocean.  A pod of 7 stingrays is what I saw, I took a few pictures of them and then headed to the chair to blog about the previous day. 

I spent the morning/afternoon at the beach while Shawn golfed.    Below are a few pictures from my beach chair throughout the day...

When he got finished golfing, I went up to the condo and made us lunch.  We had hotdogs and mac & cheese.  Of course everytime I'm in the condo, I am constantly going out on the balcony to see what all is in the water, and then I'm forever running back inside to yell about what I am seeing and getting my camera to take pictures.  This particular time I saw a couple stingrays get a little too close to land and freak out and jump in the water! 

After lunch, we headed back down to the beach to layout and frolic in the water, although there wasn't alot of frolicing because of those darn ol' stingrays!  It wasn't too long after that that the beach service guy started picking up cushions and umbrellas and all we were left with here wooden benches which weren't that comfortable so we headed up to watch the sunset and get ready for dinner.

We ate dinner Thursday night at Carrabba's.  I had never eaten at one before, but heard that it was a delicious place to eat.  I will have to agree, it was quite yummy!!  I had the Fettuccine Romano, salad, and then lots of their yummy bread with dipping oil and pesto!

And per the request of my husband, and on an extremely full belly, we ended the evening playing putt-putt.  UGH!  I'm so not a fan of putt-putt and especially not on a full belly!!

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