Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monster Truck Jams 2013

Friday night was the Monster Truck Jams.  Shawn picked up Gavin before I got off work and brought him into my work so the girls could see just how big my little man is getting.  We ate dinner at Lic's and then headed to the Ford Center for the Monster Jams!  Uncle Shawn got us front row tickets too!  While we all had a good time, the performance definitely wasn't as good as it has been in past years.  It appeared to me that there was too much intermission antics and not enough Monster Trucks racing and jumping!

Little man in his "earphone" fka "earplanes".  Loud noises bother him (even the toilet flushing), so these earphones definitely come in handy.  Uncle Shawn bought them for him last year when we took him to the Monster Trucks.

When we got there, we picked out the truck we watned to root for all night.  We choose Samson, the blue truck with the big muscle arms.  We didn't choose well.  He was out of commision with this first jump!

And Uncle Shawn wonders why they don't let you sit down closer!  We would of been pelted to death with mud!!

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