Sunday, January 27, 2013

Playground Fun @ Smother's Park

Saturday me, Beth and Gavin went to Owensboro to a vendor fair that a friend from church was at with her Tastefully Simple food.  After the vendor fair, we went to the new Smother's Park in Owensboro to play.  The weather was a little chilly that day, but the sun was out and helped a bit.  There wasn't alot of people at the park so it was easy to keep an eye on Gavin as he ran around and had ALOT of fun!  This is a new park that they built last year and it is simply amazing!
I copied this from a website about the park "Set to reopen in August 2012, the new Smothers Park will be more than just a riverfront park. The park will be the home of the Shelton Memorial Park, honoring MIA’s from all wars. It will feature an iconic fountain at the foot of Frederica Street. An outdoor children’s museum and playground includes handicap-accessible overhead ramps inside large artificial trees. The park will span five city blocks and cover over five acres of land. It will also offer outdoor space for events, with concessions and restroom facilities."
The children's area of the park was awesome!  There was so many different slides and playground equipment for children of all ages!  Gavin and I both had fun on the slides and running around the ramps and through the trees!  I can't wait to go back with him!

What a brilliant idea!!!  Portable heaters to warm up with when it's cold outside! 

There was all kinds of ice sculptures when we were there and were able to watch them carve one!

Visit Owensboro - You can click on this link to take you to lots more pictures of the new park and some ariel shots of the entire park! 

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