Saturday, September 1, 2012

Newburgh Fiddler Fest 2012 Food Booth

Last weekend was the Newburgh Fiddler Fest and our church had a food both down there again this year.  We sold brats, nachos and cheese, sno cones, chips, sodas, and water.  This year's weather was much different from last year.  Last year it was cool and rainy the entire weekend.  We only sold Friday and Saturday and didn't even bother with Sunday.  This year was completely different.  It was hot and sunny Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!  And on Friday evening, they did the fireworks that they didn't get to do on the 4th of July because of the drought we were having.  The fireworks during this event was a huge hit, so much so that everyone was running out of food and out of change since it appeared that everyone was paying for everything with those crisp 20's that they had just gotten out of the ATM machines!!  We had to send Jennifer and Shawn on a couple different food runs Friday evening!  We had a great time working at the booth this year and enjoyed each other's company!  Thanks to Angie and her girls for heading up the event, Theresa and Dale, Michele and Elisha, Shawn, Jennifer, and April (she was our biggest FAN!).  Below are different pictures from throughout the weekend!
Friday night we had a constant line at our booth from about 5 to 9 p.m.!  It was crazy!

On Saturday, Alex, Elisha and Dale made signs to try and bring business in! 

Enjoying a yummy sno cone on a warm, sunny day!

We had a GREAT team of workers in the booth!

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