Monday, September 17, 2012

"Sharks", Schooners & Shopping :)

I'm so glad I blog about our vacations, because just trying to remember what we did yesterday seems impossible, so I can't image a year from now trying to remember everything we did.  Sunday was our first full day in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida.  Whenever I am off work, I'm up and down all hours of the night and early morning, just cause I know I can go back to bed and nap anytime I want.  Sunday morning was no exception.  I was up early standing out on the balcony watching the ocean and enjoying the breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  I was out there alot Sunday morning actually.  The water was exceptionally clear for what it had been here lately.  It was still a little green in color, but there was no seaweed or algae.  What there was though was lots of dolphins, stingrays, and schools of fish.  And one point, I thought some of the dolphins were sharks!  I was freaking out!  I immediately thought, we are gonna have to go back home cause there is no way I'm getting in that water!  They were really close to the shore too!

I have since been on the Internet trying to figure out the difference between a dolphin and a shark and have it figured out.  These were definitely dolphins!  Glory to God!  :)

Shawn and I just relaxed around the condo yesterday morning until around 11 and then got ready and went out to the beach to relax for a few hours.  The water was a little chilly but once you were in it, it was comfortable, and for the most part it was really calm.  We divided our time between playing in the ocean and just relaxing on the beach.  Each time we were in the ocean, I had my new waterproof camera with us.  I'm so glad we bought it because I loved having it out there to take pictures of stuff.  Around 2 or 2:30, we headed back to the condo to shower and get ready for an early dinner.  Shawn had read about a Lobster Feast at  Schooners and yesterday was the last day so he wanted to eat dinner there.  It was $25 a person and you got a wrist band and then you went through the different food lines to get different foods made with lobster.  He really enjoyed it and probably overstuffed himself.  I ordered a small salad and then got a jerk chicken sandwich with fries.  It was really good.  During the festival, there was all kinds of sandcastles on the beach, different activities, and then a local band was performing.  After we ate, we walked around and looked at the sandcastles, listened to the band, and people watched until they shot off the canon at 7, and then we walked back to the car.  

We stopped at Target to see if we could find some clothes for our pictures, picked up a few other things, and then headed back to our condo to relax for the evening.  Shawn wanted to play putt putt, but my legs were really starting to bother me.  Earlier in the day when we were in the ocean, I started getting those charlie horses in the front of my legs near my ankles again and all day my legs felt achy.  Walking back to the car from dinner they did it again and I'm sure it's because of all the walking in the sand we did throughout the day.

Below are pictures of the day on Sunday:

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