Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cortisone injections are a God sent!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote this post about my recent diagnosis of Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome.  Dr. Marienau had prescribed me a combination of taking Tylenol and doing leg lefts.  While that helped some, I was still in alot of pain and unable to do some normal activities, so I called and left a message with Dr. M's nurse that I was still having problems.  A few days later they called me back and set me up an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor.  Monday morning I met Dr. Renne and his staff.  Everyone was super friendly and knowledgeable.  I had x-rays taken and everything looked fine.  Dr. Renne agreed with Dr. M's diagnoses of Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome.  They gave me a sheet of things to do and not do - no kneeling and squatting, but to continue with the leg lifts to strengthen the thigh, two Tylenol three or four times a day whether needed or not for two weeks, when to use heat and when to use ice, water aerobics or a recumbent bike, talked to me about using MyFitness Pal to help me lose weight.  He said for every one pound you gain, it's like adding four pounds on your knees.  The plus to loosing weight is for every one pound you lose, it's like taking off four pounds from your knees. 

He also gave me a cortisone injection since we are traveling next week.  I think I was most wigged out about the injection because I hadn't even thought of getting one and hadn't read up on it, so I wasn't sure what to expect!   It didn't hurt and so far it hasn't bothered me. I'd just always heard bad things about them so when he said he would give me one, I was unprepared for it! LOL!! It was funny cause he was telling me he could give me one as an option if I wanted and then he said "say like for example if you were driving to the Grand Canyon next week..." And I said "oh you mean how like we are driving to Florida next week?" He said "yeah, I better go ahead and give you one". LOL!! I'm glad he did too cause on Labor Day I took a little couple hour road trip with my sister and Gavin and by the time we got back my knee was killing me from the driving and felt so heavy! I was already concerned about our drive to Florida so I'm glad I got it now!

That injection is like a miracle drug straight from God!  My knee feels SO MUCH BETTER!!  In fact, I really don't feel any pain with it at all.  It's like I've got a new spring in my step!

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