Monday, September 24, 2012

Sea Screamer Sunset Dolphin Cruise

On Wednesday when we were in PCB, we went on the Sea Screamer dolphin cruise.  What a fun thing to do!!  I had always seen these boats when we were in Destin and wanted to do it, but we never got the chance.  This is something we will definitely do again the next time we are in the area!  The captain of the boat and his deck hand were super friendly and very knowledgeable of the area and made the trip alot of fun. They constantly had some great beachy tunes playing in the background that made the trip that much more fun. We also shot off the cannon at a couple locations which was fun. But the best part was the dolphins! We saw so many dolphins! I got a few shots of some jumping out of the water off in the distance, and then the ones of the dolphins riding in the waves of the boat. Priceless! I'm so glad I brought my big camera with me and then brought my telephone zoom lens. It was great and helped capture the best dolphin pictures!

We drove by Shell Island.  Touring Shell Island was one of the things on our to-do list that we didn't get to do :( 

We spotted a bubble jellyfish in the water.  They aren't dangerous so they stopped and scooped it up for people to see and touch up close. 

This is the pier at St. Andrews State Park that Shawn and I got our pictures taken at.  There was a couple getting married when we drove by! 

I learned later in our trip about the St. Andrews Bay Ferry.  This is definitely something we will do next time we are in PCB.

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