Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

Monday morning.  The second day in Panama City Beach.  Today doesn't look too promising!  This morning I got up early as usual and went out to walk around the property and then walk around on the beach and take pictures.  It was so nice outside - sunny, cloudy, windy, & then rainy!  

Here is Anthony setting up our little vacation getaway spot :)

The rain is coming in.  It was so neat to watch it move across the ocean like that.  

We were pretty much lazy all morning and didn't do anything.  We were supposed to go out for breakfast, but apparently I didn't realize I was supposed to be Shawn's alarm clock and didn't wake him up.  Hee!  We got ready and went to lunch at Pineapple Willy's.  We sat out on the pier to eat and a big storm came up while we were out there.  Yeah, there was a roof on the pier and their had their storm shades pulled on one side, but the roof was somewhat leaky.  Luckily, we stayed dry at our table for the most part.  Shawn got the fish po'boy sandwich with fries. I got the pineapple chicken salad with poppy seed dressing and garlic toast.  It was yummy!  I also had a non-alcoholic Pineapple Willy in a souvenir cup.  It was yummy too!

After we eat lunch, we just drove around for a while.  We drove out to St. Andrews park, but didn't go to the park.  We plan on doing that tomorrow night for our pictures, and then another day this week when we go to Shell Island.  We drove out to Treasure Island Marina to find out where Shawn is supposed to go 
Friday when he goes deep sea fishing.  I took a picture of the Sea Screamer and hoping this isn't the only one I get of it.  We are planning on taking a dolphin cruise on it this week and hope we get the chance too!

This is the pirate boat.  While I don't think we will be going on it since it's geared more for kids, I told Gavin we might and he wanted me to bring him a pirate hand hook.  Luckily their ticket booth was open and they had just what I was looking for :)

We drove around and looked at some different golf courses that Shawn wants to play.  The radio was on in the car and when we were driving by one of the courses, Shawn says "turn the radio off, I wanna hear the golf course talk to me!"  I thought I was gonna die laughing!  I immediately got my phone and was going to update my FB status with that.  Shawn ripped the phone out of my hand and got mad at me.  He hates that I put so much stuff on FB about him!  Below is one of the courses he wants to play.  And I'm thinking this might of been the course that was talking to him!

After that, we drove over to Pier Park and walked around the shops and looked in a bunch of the stores.  We didn't buy anything, although if Shawn had his way, he would of bought one of everything in the As Seen On TV store.  Ugh!  He was in there forever!

  We left there and went to Sonny's for dinner.  Sonny's is a chain of BBQ restaurants in Florida and their food is so good!  I've eaten at them a couple other times and am always happy with their food.  Shawn got the all you can eat baby back rib dinner and then I just got the regular baby back rib dinner and added the salad bar, which I obviously didn't need from all the food that came with my dinner. 

 After dinner we left there and drove back towards the condo and then kept driving.  We hadn't driven west past the condo yet, so we did that for a while just looking at the ocean and all the fun ocean houses.  No pictures of this excursion as it was raining and I was driving and Shawn's picture taking skills aren't the greatest!

We were probably back to the condo by 7:30 for the evening and just relaxed.  Around 9:00 I was completely bored so I talked Shawn into going out to walk on the beach and look for crabs.  He was hesitate at first, but enjoyed it once we were out there.  We didn't find any crabs, but we did get a couple shells and then found some kind of shell/bone thingie.  If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.  I'm curious as to what I have touched and laying on the kitchen counter.

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