Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday's Activities

A rain shower that moved across the ocean early this morning.  I think it's such an amazing view to watch it move in.

A little Boston Terrier I've seen on the beach the last few mornings.  My mom and sister both have Boston's so anytime I see one and have my camera, I take a picture of it.  
Yesterday morning (Tuesday) Shawn went golfing and I went to the beach.  He had made a tee time at Bay Point - Meadows Golf Course, but when he got there, he found out that that course was closed because of all the rain so he got to play at their other course, which was Bay Point - Nicholas Course and a little bit more expensive.  Blessings came from above because they honored the price at the other course which was a savings of about $20.  I meant to send the camera with him so he could take some pictures of the course, but we both forgot.  I know he'll be golfing again so I'll have to try to remember to send it with him.  They have some beautiful courses down here.

While he was golfing I went to the beach!  The ocean was really rough yesterday and there was 15-20 mile an hour winds, so I started out with a walk on the beach and had my street clothes on.  I don't really walk far, but just walk around and look at the ocean, watch the waves, try to see if I can see any dolphins, and generally just take some pictures of anything interesting.  The last couples days its just been those silly birds! 

I was greeted by a little visitor on my way to the beach.

A kid doing some early morning skimboarding on the beach.

Birdie-Yoga 101

I felt sorry for this little guy cause I thought he only had one leg and was hurt, but he ended up having two!

This guy was out here all day with that little net scooping stuff out of the water.  

 The sun ended up popping out so I went back to the condo and changed into my swimsuit.  I had thought about going to the pool area, but opted for the beach instead.  It was so nice just laying there, the sun was shining, the wind was breezy which felt great, and there was huge waves crashing the beach!   The day started out single red flagged but quickly turned into double red flagged and had the beach patrol driving up and down the coast telling everyone to stay out of the water.  I even saw an airplane fly over with a banner that says to stay out of the water.  I tried to nap while I was out there but was having a hard time with that.  I got a little sunburned yesterday but not too bad.  I was out there for a few hours before coming in.  

I had just opened up a box of Bottlecaps candy when all these little visitors stopped by.   I thought they mind like them too, so I quickly put them up.  They stayed around for a while though!

I had thought about running for shelter when this storm started approaching, but no one else did so I didn't either.  Luckily it went to the east of us.

Playing around with the macro settings on my new little waterproof camera.

It also has a fisheye setting on it.  Kinda cool!

Vibrant colors setting.

Macro setting
Once I got back to the condo, I took a shower and got partially ready for our pictures yesterday evening on the beach.  I also made us lunch at the condo.  We had cheeseburgers and mac & cheese.  And of course they were yummy as ever!  Shawn got home from golfing right as the food was done so we got to eat together.  Then we both finished getting ready for our pictures and headed out the door to St. Andrew's State Park.  

Once we got to the park, we had to pay the entrance fee.  Normally it's $8 a car, but I guess since we got there later in the day, they only charged us $4.  More blessings from above :)  We met Ivana from Bana's Photography at the entrance and followed her to the pier.  I found out about her from Me'Chele who had recently been here in PCB and had used her for their family pictures at the beach.  She was a super nice lady and I enjoyed working with her.  Her prices were very reasonable compared to all other beach photographers and she does great work.  We didn't have the greatest day for taking pictures though, so we might try to do a few more Thursday evening if we are available.  Like I mentioned earlier, there was 15-20 mile an hour winds earlier in the day and yesterday evening was no different.  I had already sprayed my hair down tighter than the security at Fort Knox, but it wasn't good enough.  Before the shoot was over, I was looking like a hot mess with crazy hair!  She did manage to get a few good ones, but more than not were crazed!

After pictures we went to dinner at Captain Anderson's.  My friend Misty, who I know is reading my vacation blog posts - HEY GIRL!, had told me it was good so I knew I wanted to try it.  Shawn had heard it wasn't any good and because there was such mixed reviews on Trip Advisor about it, he could of cared less if we went there.  We neither one were really that hungry, but there wasn't much anything else to do before going back to the condo, so we stopped in for a bite.  Can I just say that Misty was right?  Shawn and I both agreed it was yummy.  Shawn ordered the jumbo crab cakes, broccoli with cheese, and the creamy chicken noodle soup.  I had the chopped sirloin with grilled onions, baked potato, and garden salad.  Misty had said their desserts were good too so when the waitress asked if we wanted to dessert, I knew I probably was going to get something.  I asked what they had and she brought over a tray of everything they had.  My mouth was watering at all of their yummy looking desserts! They make them all homemade in their bakery next door too!  I choose the German chocolate cake.  It's one of my favorites and I have been craving it here lately.  I only could eat a couple bites and go a to go container for my dessert too.  I'm glad we tried it because it was really a good restaurant.  

This town closes up early, and since the summer is past, alot of places are closed.  So on the way back to the condo, we stopped at one of the souvenir stores, but didn't get to look long cause they were closing in 5 minutes.  Shawn ended up getting a new PCB shirt and a can coozie.  I didn't get anything and figured I'll try again Friday when I have the car while Shawn is gone fishing all day.

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