Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekend with Gavin

Gavin spent the weekend with us this past weekend.  I picked him up Saturday early afternoon and then took him home Sunday evening.  Saturday Gavin and I went to Scales Lake for a picnic, played on the playground and then went to the petting zoo there.  Saturday evening we went to our church's Lighthouse meeting for a weenie roast.  Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch at a new Chinese restaurant and then headed to Rockport to take him home.  Below are all pictures I found on my camera earlier this week when I was looking through them.

Gavin loves playing with Clifford.  Clifford tolerates it for a little bit, but I'm always afraid Clifford is going to nip at Gavin.

Playing with my tablet.  We were probably playing the dinosaur talking thing - he loves it!

Eating peanut butter crackers for breakfast...

...the remnants of the peanut butter crackers.  I think he only at the peanut butter!

Sporting Aunt Stace's cool shades on the way to church.

Playing on the floor under the pews during church.

Me and my little heart melter :)

Below are all pictures from my camera.  On our way to Scales Lake, we drove through Richland and then Midway to get to Boonville.  I had heard about this barn in Midway that was covered in old license plates.  I had been wanting to find it for a while, but was never in the area until last Saturday.  I found it, but didn't have the correct lens on for taking pictures

These next pictures were taken at the playground at Scales Lake and then at the petting zoo.  All Gavin really wanted to do was play in the sand; he could of cared less about actually playing on the playground.  I can't wait till he's a little older and we can take him to the ocean with us on vacation.  He's gonna LOVE that sandy beach!

These two pictures below of the ducks....well let me just say "They were not fighting", which is what I thought they were doing!  LOL!!

These next pictures are from the church's Lighthouse Meeting. 

And a few pictures from Gavin's camera...


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