Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vanderburgh County 4H Fair/Derby

Saturday evening we took Gavin to the Vanderburgh County Fair.  Or is it Gavin and I took Shawn to the derby at the fair?  We all had a great time!  We had to park at what seemed like a blue zillion miles away (this will come into play later at the derby).  We walked around to see what all the little kids rides were before deciding to go ahead and get the armband for Gavin so he could unlimited rides.  I think he rode all of the little kids rids at least once and some of them multiple times.  His favorite were the dump trucks and his least favorite was probably the roller coaster.  I was so proud of him for riding that roller coaster.  I wanted him to ride it, but figured he probably wouldn't want to, so I was definitely surprised when he said he wanted too.  When he got off of the ride, I asked him if he wanted to ride it again, and he said "no I do not want to ride it again".  Hee!  Sometime during the derby, Gavin and I went back to ride more rides.  I had bought a couple tickets for myself so we could ride some bigger rides.  We decided on the Strawberries - I figured it would be safe for Gavin - we just sit in there and spin it around.  Well it was safe for Gavin, but was completely miserable for me!  All that spinning made me so nasueated.  Ugh!

After riding rides, and before going into the derby, we stopped and ate dinner.  Beth wanted Gavin to eat a corn dog for her, so Gavin and I shared a footlong corn dog.  It was delish!  I love fair food!

A picture of us while waiting for the derby to start :)

Before the derby started, country music artist DeWayne Spaw put on a little concert!  He was a great singer and had good songs so I'll definitely be looking for one of his CD's to buy. 

After the concert it was time for the derby to start.  Before it started I went to get Gavin's earphones out of the bag and realized that I had left them in the trunk. Uh oh!  I thought Gavin would be ok without them but it was really loud and he really wanted them.  So Uncle Shawn made the trek to the back 40 where we had parked and got them for Gavin.  You can't tell me that that little boy doesn't have a big boy wrapped around his finger :)  The derby was fun to watch and we didn't leave the the fairgrounds until 11:30 pm!  

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