Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making Suncatchers for Aunt Stacey

For my sister's birthday back in May, I bought her a 4 pack of sun catchers to paint and hang on her windows.  I remember making these as a kid (only I remember using little colored beads instead of paint and then baking them in the oven) so I thought it would be something fun for her and Gavin to do.  They made them and have 3 of them hanging up on their window at home - one for Beth, one for Tommy, and one for the Gavin.  The fourth one is at Nannies.  So every time I go over to Beth's I always ask Gavin where mine is at.  When Gavin stayed with us a couple weeks ago, we were in Walmart and I bought the stuff for me and Gavin to make sun catchers.  The only problem is that the sun catchers I bought had lots of small areas to paint and Gavin's paints all ran together!  LOL!!  He got a frog and a shooting star to paint and then I had a bumble bee and a rainbow with clouds.  They were alot of fun to paint and I kept them all and have them hanging in my kitchen window.  Next time we make more, I'll get bigger ones for Gavin to paint.

A picture of Gavin and Shawn before we started; of course Gavin didn't want to have anything to do with getting his picture taken.

Gavin was doing such a good job with the pretty little green frog...

...then his painting got a little crazy!  Now we have a pretty little dark, dark, dark green frog!

Next up...the shooting star (and he's probably yelling at me to stop taking his picture!)

And the finished projects hanging in my kitchen window (ignore the dirty window please!).

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