Friday, August 17, 2012

Gavin & his ♥Girlfriends♥

Last weekend we had the church yard sale at my house.  The girls were spending the night to help me so they were already there.  Near the end of the sale Saturday, my Aunt Dobie came over with my mom, Beth and Gavin.  When they all were ready to leave and go to more yard sales, Gavin wanted to stay and play.  Gavin and the girls took turns riding his little Hot Wheels bike, and then the girls got out my pink bike to ride for a few minutes.


I love this picture of Gavin cause it looks like he is holding his hand up over his mouth laughing, but I know that he's actually wiping a kiss from Alexandra off his lips.  ♥Instead of throwing the kiss on the ground, he put it in his pocket for later.♥  I love that sweet little boy!

After we closed up shop to the yard sale, I got the idea to take everyone to Sonic for slushes and then to head to the park down at the river. Right as we were getting ready to leave, my sister pulled up to pick up Gavin. Because the weather was nice outside I had the windows to the house open and when I saw them pull up, I said there is Beth. Gavin yells out the window to her and says "we are getting ready to go to the park, you need to go back yard saling". LOL!! It was the funniest thing ever! He repeated it two or three times! I told Beth I would bring him home later that evening so we all could go to the park.

Our first stop was Sonic for slushes, and then we stopped at the Overlook park and then we went to the playground at the old Newburgh Lock & Dam park.  We all had a great time playing at the park! 

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