Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gatlinburg 2011 Trip Report: Thurs. Oct. 20

Originally drafted October 21, 2011

Thursday morning was check-out day so we slept in longer than we had throughout the week, got ready and packed everything and then loaded the car to start our journey back home.  We had breakfast at the Old Mill (which was just ok) and then did some shopping in the Old Miller area.  We bought some soups at their country store, a bear for Gavin, and then at their toy shoppe, we got Gavin a loud, noisy gun.  Hee!  We also stopped at the Three Bears Gift Shoppe so I could get a chair massage since I had a coupon for a free 5 minutes massage.  It wasn’t the kind of chair massages I was thinking it was so I got the Aqua Massage instead.  I also wiggled myself with the Chi machine, but wasn’t a fan of it.  It hurt my ankles and for about a week afterwards, my left ankle hurt.  Note to self:  don’t chi anymore.  LOL!!  We also paid to see the black bears they have in the gift shop.  I didn’t really want to pay to see them, however it was cheap, and I know I wouldn’t of been happy not seeing any bear at all!  We also stopped at the Adidas store at the outlets down there and got me two pair of new tennis shoes.  We stopped for lunch at Long John Silvers and then we were on our way to Nashville for the next couple days to stay at some friend’s house.

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Kate Dunkin said...

Awesome post Stace, it sounds like you guys had a blast! Reading posts like this has me so excited for my upcoming vacation, I'm getting a gatlinburg vacation home rental with my boyfriend and we can't wait. Thank you for sharing your story with us!