Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monster Trucks

The monster trucks were at the new Ford Center a couple of weeks ago.  We had been to Roberts Stadium to see them a few years ago and I was less than thrilled to go again.  I told Shawn I would go ONLY if we took Gavin with us.  He was sold!  So Friday evening, Shawn drove to Rockport and picked up Gavin and then came to my work to get me.  We left the cars here and walked down to Lic's to have supper and then walked down farther to the new Ford Center.  Gavin and Shawn were way excited; me not so much!  LOL!!  We had bought Gavin a pair of ear phones, or "ear planes" as Gavin calls them, to block out the noise of the trucks cause Gavin is afraid of really loud noises.  He loved wearing them and didn't want to take them off at all!  His mom and dad gave him money to buy a souvenir so we settled on the Ironman pennant.  I feel sorry for the bald man sitting in front of us cause Gavin poked him with the pennant about a dozen times!  Eventually it ended up in the backpack.

Playing with Aunt CeCe's phone while we waited for Uncle Shawn.  Halfway down to the Lic's, I realized I didn't put Gavin's earphones in his bag so Shawn had to go back to the car to get them.  Thanks Uncle Shawn!

Gavin with his Ironman pennant.  I'm not sure of the pose he's doing!

The poor bald man in front of Gavin!  Hee!

This is my fave picture of the night!!  He was having so much fun!

Ironman right before he flipped his big car/truck over!

The Rottweiler was my fave car/truck of the evening!

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