Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daniel Fast 2012 - Week 1

Our church is participating in the Daniel Fast again this year.  This time we started it in February instead of January like we have done in the past.  I believe the reason was because we started the weight loss group in January and our pastor didn't want to overwhelm everyone with two things at one time.  The fast started February 1, however Shawn and I didn't start until February 6.  We had late nights the week it started and was going to Shawn's parents for the weekend for their birthdays, and I didn't have time to shop for groceries, so we just decided to do it when we got back.  We'll still do the fast for 21 days, so when everyone else is celebrating by eating yummy, fattening foods, we'll still be fasting, but that's OK with me :)  I love doing the Daniel Fast, especially knowing that my heart is in it and my reasons behind doing it!  The second  year we did it, my heart was not into it at all, and I was felt like I was bragging about this fast we were doing, and I had a horrible time with it.  I didn't like anything I was eating or cooking; I would stand in the kitchen and cry cause I wanted "real food", and I literally stopped eating the last couple of days.  It was not good.  Now I couple the fast with prayer and a desire to serve God!

For breakfast, I have bananas, apples, and peanuts and sometimes cereal with bananas and soy milk.  Shawn will have mixed nuts/berries and cereal.  Our lunches are always leftovers from the night before. 

This week's dinner menu looks like this:

Monday - fried potatoes with onions, great northern beans with green onions and veggie broth, and corn
Tuesday - whole wheat spaghetti, organic spaghetti sauce with onions, zucchini and corn, salad, fresh fruit
Wednesday - tacos on whole wheat tortillas (or taco salad) with veggie crumbles, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, chips and salsa
Thursday - corn and potato chowder, fresh fruit
Friday - veggie burgers with grilled onions on whole wheat tortillas, spiced potato cubes, fresh fruit
Saturday - chili with wheat noodles and veggie crumbles, peanut butter with whole wheat tortillas
Sunday - cabbage soup, fresh fruit

Here is a picture of Wednesday's lunch.  I wish I would of thought to take pictures of Monday and Tuesday's lunch too.  I'll try to do this daily during the 21 days.

Here is a picture of Wednesday's lunch. Spaghetti with veggies and spaghetti sauce and fresh fruit.  I wish I would of thought to take pictures of Monday and Tuesday's lunch too. I'll try to do this daily during the 21 days. 

Tacos - veggie crubmles with taco seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, on whole wheat tortillas
Cabbage soup
Seasoned potato wedges
Corn and potato chowder
Mexican Confetti Quinoa salad

Taco salad with last nights leftovers and fresh fruit

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