Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Years Eve

For New Year's Eve this year, we went to our friend's Heather and Bowen Robinson's house.  We've done this annually for the last couple of years, with the exception of last year.  We always have lots of delicious food and lots of friends come over and hang out.  This year we I made our famous wing dip, veggie pizza, shrimp, and strawberry punch.  (I crossed out the "we" because I did all the cooking, Shawn was out at Best Buy doing some impulse buying; however I do LOVE my new tablet!)  We also did the gift exchange again, but this year instead of playing dirty Santa, we did it a little bit different.  We all got in a circle with the gift we brought in, Heather read a poem, and we all passed our gifts either left or right depending on the words in the poem.  I ended up with some cute Christmas dipping bowls that my sister brought and Shawn ended up with a golf-themed drink holder, which fits him perfectly since he's a golf-addict!  We also played our annual game of Scattegories and of course, we had our annual cheaters in the'll see their picture down below!

I didn't take many pictures throughout the evening, but I let Gavin play with my camera so he snapped quite a few of the ones below and then one of the teens took pictures during our gift exchange.


I got a new smartphone earlier in the week and someone showed me some Toddler Lock games on it, so now my nephew is obsessed with Aunt CeCe's phone.

Shawn and Bowen, ringing in the new year!
My veggie pizza which is yummy!!

I was taking a picture of Shawnie's beard!  He was off work the last two and half weeks of the year so I talked him into growing a beard.  While he wasn't a fan of it, I liked it :)  Too bad he shaved it off when he started back to work :(

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