Monday, February 13, 2012


We had Gavin this weekend and he said and did some of the funniest things.  I'll blog about the entire weekend in another post, I just wanted to get these recorded before I forgot about them!

Friday evening we were in the living room and Gavin was playing with his new kitchen that we got him for his birthday. He told me that he had to go potty, so I told him to run into the bathroom and I was right behind him. Well in his sillyness of waiting for me to come in, he was dancing around the potty and lost his balance and tumbled head first into the toilet. His little arm went straight into the water and into the hole of the toilet. I grabbed him up and he through his arm in the air and started yelling “wash dis off, wash dis arm!” He knows the toilet is nasty so he was freaked out! It was the funniest thing ever!

Then later he was playing with his kitchen, and I was sitting on the couch, and he looked red face and was holding his arms. I asked him if he was ok, or if he hurt his arm. He gives me this crazy look and says "I am trying to poop!" I asked him if he wanted to poop on the potty so we went into the bathroom, but he said he was done. I looked in the diaper, sure enough, he was done! LOL!!

Saturday afternoon we were at Heather’s for Zoe’s 9th birthday party.  There was kids there of all ages and there were running around the house and playing in Zoe’s room.  I just let Gavin run and play with them.  I was sitting in the living room talking with the adults and I hear people say Gavin is crying, and he comes in the living room and he’s all red faced and crying.  I asked him what was wrong, but couldn’t understand.  Zoe was trying to tell me he didn’t get hurt.  Finally Gavin said “them big kids locked me in the hallway!”  LOL!  I guess the girls ran in Zoe’s room and shut the door and Gavin didn’t get to go in. 

While we were at Heather’s, Gavin was clumsy a few times and tripped over his feet while running and chasing the big kids.  The first time I saw him do it, he jumped up and I asked him if he was ok.  He was and I made a comment about the floor grabbing his feet.  It was but a little bit later and he was running through the kitchen after the kids and he did it again.  This time he jumped up and said “the floor got my feet!”

A lot of words that Gavin says seems to start with the letter H.  I had given him a bowl of fresh fruit and he finished it and asked for more “hoot”.  This just cracked me up cause once when my mom was dating Donnie, she was cleaning an old clock she had hanging up and she found a bag of hoot in it.  So we always joke at work when we are having a really bad day about asking my mom to clean out her clocks.  So when he asked for more “hoot”, I just thought to myself, he’s been hanging around my mom too much!  LOL!!

Another one I forgot about it.  Sunday morning, while trying to get everyone ready for church and in the car, I had put Gavin's coat on him and put him in the car and buckled him in his seat.  I gave him his busy book to look at and left his door open.  I went back into the house and left the door open leading from the garage to the kitchen.  I was in the kitchen finishing getting his bag together and getting my coat on.  I asked him if he was alright out there.  He replied "we are fine."  I thought, we?  Who is out there with him.  So I said to him "We?  Who is out there with you?"  He replied "the cat is out here with me."  I went out in the garage and sure enough, big fat Clifford was out there too!  When I left the garage door open, I didn't think about the cat going out there.  I'm glad I asked, otherwise, we might of left and let Clifford get out in the big world and then Shawn would of been mad at me!

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