Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin

Happy Birthday to the most special little boy in the world!!

I can't believe my sweet nephew is 3!  We had his "non-party" at Chuck E. Cheese Saturday afternoon at noon.  That place was a madhouse!!  The only people for the "non-party" that were there were Beth, Tommy and Gavin, mom, and Shawn and I.  We had pizza and salad and played games.  Then we headed back to my house where we celebrated by opening presents and having cake and ice cream.  I won Gavin's cake off of the radio the day before when I called in his birthday to WKDQ.  I was uber-excited to have won!!  What a blessing!  Shawn and I got him the big play kitchen (that's still at our house, and that's a whole different story!) and a rolling suitcase to take with him when he spends the night at Nan's or at our house.  I had wanted to get him one for a while and the last time we came home from vacation, I caught him trying to pull one of our heavily packed suitcases across the living room.  Target had a little Seseame Street one sale the other day so I bought it.  Mom got him a new portable CD player, and Beth and Tommy got him a Wii.  Talk about a spoiled little boy!!

See the little icing situation?  I caught a certain little somebody in the kitchen when no one was looking and he was taking his little finger and dragging it along the icing!  =)

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