Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daniel Fast: Week 2 and 3

It's the second week of the Daniel Fast and so far so good. 

Here is our menu for the week, along with a few pictures below.

Monday - Meat and potatoes, salad, corn
Tuesday - Red beans and rice, peas and carrots, pineapple
Wednesday - Spaghetti w/sauce, salad, wheat tortillas w/ olive oil and garlic
Thursday - Stir fry w/ fried rice
Friday - Stuffed bell peppers, lebanese potato salad
Saturday - Taco soup w/ tortilla chips
Sunday - Fried potatoes, corn, great northern beans

Meat and potatoes - veggie crumbles, red potatoes, onions, garlic, red & green bell peppers
Whole wheat spaghetti with organic roasted garlic spaghetti sauce, corn, green beans, and whole wheat tortillas with olive oil and garlic powder
Salad - lettuce, tomato, onion, egg and light ranch dressing (I know that the egg and ranch dressing are no-no's on the Daniel Fast food list, but I kept them into my diet during this time)
Stir fry with cabbage, onion, garlic & celery and fried rice with brown rice, frozen peas and carrots, green onions and bean sprouts.  Yummy!!  Too bad I didn't have an egg roll right now!

Red beans and rice, peas & carrots

Week 3 - I'm behind on blogging and didn't get a chance to record what we had to eat.  Week 3 we ate most of the same foods as the first two weeks.  Wednesday night during service, Bro. Heard announced that the Lord spoke to him and asked his people to fast all food from Friday morning until after church service Sunday evening, so we didn't have anything those evenings.  Sunday evening we had veggie burgers and then Monday night I had veggie burgers since I was still on the fast for my last day.
The water only fast for 3 days was one of the most difficult things I had ever done and definitely the longest I had gone without food.  But the Lord spoke to our Pastor and told him that his people would fast food for that time, that the Lord would bless us financially.  Shawn and I are getting ready to start fertility treatments soon so a financial blessing would definitely come in handy there!

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