Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Landscaping Before and After Project

Shawn and I decided to do a little landscaping this spring/summer ourselves instead of paying someone to do it, like we did the year before. It was really all my idea, but someone I got Shawn roped into helping me.  It WAS hard work and I'm glad it's done, but I'm really glad that we did it ourselves.  I'm sure paying someone we would of gotten better work, but we are happy with it.  The area to the right of the porch, we dug up the old mulch and just put down more black weed barrier and put new mulch down.  We are planning on getting a pair of concrete benches and a bird bath or a fountain, and then I'll put some potted plants out there.  On the left side of the porch, it was completely bare - there was nothing planted there but weeds.  We dug that area out, dug holes for some plants, put down weed barrier, and but in some basic black edging.  I planted 2 daylillies, 2 hostas, and some ornamental grass.  I planted a third daylilly on the other side of the porch in a little area. 

Here is a before picture:

And here is an after picture (I realize they are different angles, but you get the picture ;)):

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