Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Away Party for Brian, Jenn & Isaac

On Sunday, June 12, we had a going away celebration for Brian, Jennifer & Isaac.  They are moving to Winter Haven, Florida to help with the ministry at Joe Heard's church down there.  We are going to miss them, but are excited for what God is doing in there lives.  We are also excited to have another vacation home in Florida :)

We were driving home from vacation that day, so we missed the church service honoring them, but we made it back in time for the food and fellowship.  I wasn't feeling so hot that day either, I had a headache and was hot and tired, so we didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked, nor did I get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. 

Shawn and I got Isaac a snack bucket filled up with all kinds of goodies.  It was supposed to resemble my snack cabinet that he enjoyed raiding when he would stop over and visit.  I also made them a scrapbook of all of the pictures I have taken of them and different fellowships we've had at the church over the years.  I enjoyed working on it and it brought back such wonderful memories.

I know I already miss them terribly, but what I miss the most is little Isaac.  Each morning as I would drive pass the bus stop, I would see him out there and would wave and yell "hey Stacey!".  My reply would be "hey Isaac!", or "don't fall out of that tree Isaac!".  If he wasn't at the bus stop, I always looked up in the neighbors tree and saw him and a few other kids.  LOL!!

I hate that I didn't get alot of pictures, or that fact that I didn't get any of Brian, Jenn and Isaac, but here are a few that I took.  There was lots of people from church there along with some old church members, and Brian's family and friends.

Garvin, Jennifer & Angie

Jennifer with Brian's parents

Alex and me :)

Sherry, Danny & Rita, and Jerry & Beverly

John & Jennifer

Ron aka Grillmaster!

Aaron & Shawn

And lots more...

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