Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holiday World Stars!

On Friday, June 24, Shawn and I took Gavin and Zoe to Holiday World.  You can read about that visit in a previous post.  I took this cute picture of Zoe and Gavin riding their first water slide of the day in the new Safari Sam's SplashLand there.  It really wasn't a planned picture, it was more of a quick snapshot of them coming down the slide.  And I really didn't know what kind of picture I was taking cause I just holding the camera up while trying to get them in the camera, but at the same time, keep my eye on them to make sure they were OK and to see when they started coming down the slide so I could take the picture.  And it was also hurried because I was trying to take the picture, make sure I could catch Gavin at the bottom, and paying attention to not getting my camera wet since I was standing in the middle of a swimming pool.  And this picture was the product of all that! 

I think it is an absolutely adorable picture of two kids have the time of their life!  A few days after we got back, I was on Facebook looking at all of the pictures I had taken that day when I remembered that I was friends with Holiday World on Facebook.  I decided to post a couple pictures on their wall to tell and show them how much fun we had that day and to also tell them how great their new SplashLand park is.  Well HW commented on the photo and said "Wow -- that's a cute photo!" to which I replied "Thanks! I thought so too! Hee! :o)".  I never expected any more comments after that. The next time I checked my email, I had an email saying that HW commented again.  This time it said "I messaged you yesterday (my name is Paula) ... did you receive it?"  Well I didn't remember receiving a message from her, so I started looking all around my emails, Facebook, anywhere that that message could of went and I couldn't find anything.  Of course all the while I am looking for it, I immediately thought, oh my goodness, they love my picture and want to use it.  I can see it in brochures and billboards and was so excited!  LOL!!  And I thought, oh my goodness, what if they give me seasons passes and everything.  I told you I was excited.  LOL!!  When I couldn't find that message anywhere, I replied to their comment "No, sorry, I didn't get any messages from you :(".  The next day I got this message comment on the photo "Would you please email me?".  So naturally I did and the following day I got an email from them that said this....

We LOVE the photo you just posted with the two children on the yellow SplashLand slide. Would you give us permission to us it? This would be for our website and other promotional venues. I'd be glad to send you two tickets as a thank you. If it's okay, please email the photo in its original format and size to ... and include a statement that we have your permission to use the photo.

I replied that they could use the picture and sent it to them in its original format.  I also asked about where they would use the picture and they replied that they would use it on their website, Facebook page, and their e-newsletter.  Well imagine my surprise when I opened my email yesterday morning and I received their e-newsletter.  I opened it up and first thing I saw was their picture!!

I can't wait to receive those two tickets in the mail so I can take the kids back to Holiday World!  Next year, I'm getting myself and Gavin season passes!

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