Thursday, June 16, 2011

WOW Night @ the Otters

On the Friday night of our yard sale, Shawn's work had WOW night at the Otter's again.  This year mom and Gavin went with us and mom's new boyfriend Roger.  The weather that night was really nice outside, not to cool, but not too warm either.  It was really comfortable.  Mom and Roger enjoyed just spending time together talking, Shawn enjoyed chatting with his coworkers, and I enjoyed trying to keep Gavin from freaking out at the fireworks that went off each time there was a home run!  I hate to admit it, but by the end of the night I was praying for no more home runs!  Gavin enjoyed running around and playing on the playground.  He got a balloon sword made by a clown and enjoyed "getting" Uncle Shawn with it.

Me trying to get Gavin to look at Uncle Shawn so we could get our picture taken.

Me and Shawnie :)

Gavin drinking a refreshing Pepsi in a Gavin-sized can :)

Mom and her new boyfriend Roger

Gavin, chillaxin in the stroller, and ready to go!  He'd had enough clowns, fireworks, and Evan the Otter!

And of course, no blog about ballgame would be complete without a ball player picture

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