Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mexican Food, Ice Heam Hones, & Driftwood Guns

Last Monday night, me, Mom and Gavin went out for a date.  We went to Cancun's in Newburgh, which is my favorite Mexican restaurant, then to Sweet CeCe's in Newburgh, which is my favorite new sweet treat place, and then we went down to the riverfront in Newburgh and took a little stroll. 

This is a picture of Gavin and Nannie after eating a yummy meal. 

After supper, we went to Sweet CeCe's in Newburgh.  It's a new frozen yogurt sweet shoppe and my absolute favorite place to go for sweet treats now.  I always create the same treat for myself - a little chocolate and a little pecan praline frozen yogurt.  Then I top it with chopped peanuts and shaved coconut, fresh cut strawberries and pineapple, some warm, gooey, carmel sauce and top it off with whipped cream.  It's absolutely delicious!  Gavin got his own cup of goodness.  He had cake batter ice cream, sprinkles, gummy bears, whipped cream, and a sour gummy worm on the top.  He loved it and ate every bit of it....including licking it off his arm as it melted all over him. 

A picture of Aunt CeCe enjoying her own cup of Sweet CeCe's :)

After all that goodness, we had to go down to the river to walk it off.  Mom found Gavin a piece of driftwood that is shaped like a gun.  He loves guns and often finds things shaped just like a gun and says "i got gun!"

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