Thursday, September 16, 2010

SeaWorld, Orlando

Tuesday, September 7

On Tuesday, we got up mid-morning and got ready and went to SeaWorld for the afternoon.  It was a nice, warm, sunny day, but there was just enough clouds, and air-conditioned buildings at SeaWorld to make it a pleasant day, despite the hot temperatures.  SeaWorld was really a fun place to go too, although I doubt I would go back again.  The only show we watched was the Believe show with Shamu the whale.  While it was nice, it wasn't nearly as great as I had expected.  We walked around the entire park and saw about everything there was to see.  We ate lunch at the Spice Mill Cafe and it was good.  We were going to eat at the Aquarium, however it was a bit pricey and nothing on the menu seemed appealing to me to pay that price.

After SeaWorld, we went back to the house for a little bit.  I took a swim and Shawn went fishing, then we got ready and went to dinner at Shoguns in Orlando.  It was a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  Anytime we go on vacation, we like to try to go to one of those type of restaurant.  We love the food and always enjoy the little show they put on. 

After dinner, we needed to walk off all that food, so we went to a place called Old Town and walked around.  It was late and most stores were either closed or getting ready to close so it was a hurried time.  I kind of wish we would of went back down there before we left, but we didn't get a chance.  Maybe next time.

After all that, we headed to the Walmart to pick up a few groceries and snacks for the house and then we headed home.  I was completely exhausted by the end of the day and slept like a baby during the night!

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