Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank You Lord For Protecting Us

Sunday night, July 11, 2010, on our way to church Shawn and I were in a wreck.  We had just left the house about 5 minutes before it happened.  We were on Sharon Road in Newburgh sitting behind a car that was waiting to turn left and a car come racing up behind us and rear-ended us.  Shawn saw them in the rear view mirror coming up really fast and tried to pull up some but couldn't move very much because of the car in front of us.  I was on the telephone with my mom talking to her about a really bad wreck that had happened in their town just earlier, and I hear Shawn say "Oh No", and I look in the side mirror and see this white car flying up behind us, I hear tires screech, and then they slammed into us.  Shawn had his soda in his hand and soda went flying all over the front console of the car, we both were jerked forward and then backwards into the seat.  The whole time I am still on the phone with my mom and and she can hear us getting hit.  After I tell her we were just in a wreck and we were both fine, I got off the phone and called 911.  I got out of the car expecting our bumper to either be laying on the ground or crammed into the backseat.  Thankfully it was neither.  There was hardly a scratch on either car.  I did have some small damage to my car and I'm taking it to Lefler's in the morning for an estimate.  The kid that hit us said that he had dropped his coke and bent down to pick it up.  Why he hadn't seen we were stopped or why his 2 friends in the car didn't see us stopped, I don't know.  The police showed up within a minute or two of us calling.  Quite a few people that lived near the accident came out to see if we were all OK.  The police said they couldn't fill out an accident report since it looked like the damage was not over $1,000 but he did make a copy of everyone's information and said that if we needed a police report for insurance purposes to call him and then he would fill one out. 

Lord, I just want to give you the praise for protecting us and keeping us safe!  And Devil, I just want to say, you did not defeat us and keep us out of church last night!

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MeChele said...

Glad you are ok!!!!