Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Day of Pampering

Today I took a vacation day so I could have a 4-day weekend.  I also decided to pamper myself.  HA!  I layed on the couch all morning, then made a  hair appointment at 2:00 and a pedicure appointment at 4:30.  I get my hair cut at a salon in downtown Newburgh called Impulse.  I started going there when I won a gift certificate for a few haircut there and have been going every since.  I had finally found a stylist that I liked and I liked how she cut and styled my hair.  Then she decided to move to California because that's where her husband is stationed.  I was sad to see her go.  I went back to the salon once after she moved and I did NOT like how the new stylist cut my hair.  I found out that my old stylist was coming back into town to visit and was cutting hair so I was able to be squeezed in to see her.  Well this past weekend it was time for a haircut again.  I made an appointment with whomever had an opening and thought what the heck, it's only hair, it will grow back.  I ended up in Justin's chair and he did a great job on my cut and style and I will definitely be going back to him.  He cut it how I wanted it, and honored Logan's prices.  I also made sure that he wasn't planning on moving anytime soon! 

Between my appointments, I went home to get my camera and was going to go back downtown and take some pictures.  There is so much beautiful stuff and architecture to take pictures of.  On my way back to get my camera, my friend Heather called and asked if she could drop Zoe off while she went to her hair appointment.  Of course I said yes, I love seeing my littlest BFF and I now had a subject to shoot pictures of.  We went and took a few pictures and then headed to Sonic for a slush before going to get my pedicure.  Zoe enjoyed sitting in the chair beside me getting a massage from the chair and I enjoyed the company.

After the massage, I went home to change clothes and then it was off to Evansville to Red Lobster for dinner with my husband and brother-in-law.  Red Lobster is one of my FAVE restaurants and has a delicious grilled chicken breast dinner, since I don't like seafood of any sort!

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