Saturday, August 7, 2010

Her Name is Bubbles

Meet Bubbles. She's a 26'' Women's Schwinn Delmar Cruiser Bike from Walmart and I can't wait to get her. I've been wanting to get a new bicycle for some time now cause I need to start exercising to go along with the WW program I am doing. I love riding bikes, well I did as a kid. I really haven't ridden much as an adult, but the few times I have, I still loved it. I have a bike now, but it's quite a few years old and needs new tires and a larger seat. I took it out for a spin a while back but it was uncomfortable to ride. But Bubbles, now she's a different story. I took her for a test spin in the bicycle isle of Walmart earlier in the week and feel in love with her. I found her online for $99, but in the store she is $119.99 and Walmart wouldn't price match their online price (which I think is ridiculous since they price match other stores), so I had to order her online, then have her shipped to the Newburgh store, and have someone put her together for me. Which is actually fine with me, cause it gives me time to find someone with a truck to pick her up for me. I ordered her this evening and I'm hoping she'll be ready by Thursday so that I can have Heather pick her up when she comes into town for our WW meeting.

I found this picture of Bubbles on the Internet and tweaked it some so in real-life, she's not *as* pink, but she's close to it. She's more the color of Bubbalicious Bubble-Gum, hence the name Bubbles. When I get her, I'll definitely take pictures of her. I'm going to get a white wicker basket and add to the front. I also found a drink holder online that I liked (see pic below) and add that.

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