Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Growing up: using forks and climbing stairs

On Saturday night, Shawn rented another UFC pay-per-view fight and we had people over - Beth, Tommy & Gavin, Shawn's brother Steve, and Bowen and Brenton.  We ordered pizza from Papa Murphy's and got some cheesey bread and cinnamon bread.  Papa Murphy's is the devil in my eyes - it's SO delicious.  I love the variety of pizza's they have and that you can create with your own imagination. 

While I am never interested in watching the fight, I'm always interested in my amazing little nephew.  On this particular night, he talked on the phone to Nana (who was in Michigan) and we had watermelon (which he LOVES) and fresh pineapple for dessert.  He's getting to the point where he doesn't want to be fed anymore and wants to feed himself, so he loves using a fork.  I don't have any baby forks at the house, so all I have are big boy forks, but that doesn't seem to stop him.  He loves using it.  But after about 2 or 3 tries at trying to get the food on the fork without success, he uses his fingers.  It's so cute and I'm so amazed at how big he is getting.  In fact, I'm teaching him to crawl up and down the stairs at home.  I know it's dangerous, but with having a two-story house and his mom and dad have a two-story apartment, he needs to learn how to use them safely.  He's got the crawling up part down pat.  In fact, I didn't even have to show him how to do it, he saw me go upstairs and he decided he wanted to come along and up he went like a pro.  And giggled the whole way up.  We had to go up them about 3 or 4 times that night.  Going down, we still need practice.  Aunt Tace showed him how to go down on his butt one step at a time, but he really didn't get the hang of it, so we'll definitely need more practice.  I got the idea to teach him how to crawl up and down the stairs after watching an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I was amazed at how those little kids used the stairs when they were mere babies and toddlers.  And I decided at that moment that when I had kids, I was going to teach them young.  Well I don't have babies yet, but I have Gavin so I'm teaching him.

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