Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A busy 4-day weekend

What a busy and long 4-day weekend. I decided to take a vacation day on Friday and spent the morning laying on the couch. That afternoon I made me a hair and pedicure appointment. Between the appointments, my friend Heather dropped her daughter Zoe off and I took her to the river in Newburgh and took some pictures. After pampering myself, Shawn and I went to dinner at Red Lobster with his brother.

Saturday, I layed around on the couch until around 5. Shawn rented the UFC PPV fight so we had people come over starting at 5. We bought some pizza's, cheesy bread, and cinnamon dessert pizza from Papa Murphy's and baked that for dinner. PM is my new fave pizza place - they have the best pizza. Shawn's brother came over, my sister and her family, and then Bowen and Brent. We all had a great time and I enjoyed spending some time with my nephew.

Sunday we got up early and went to church, then came home and had lunch. I also baked a diet orange Sunkist cake and made taco salad for our church 4th of July party that was later that evening. At 5, we all gathered at church for some yummy food, good fellowship and some entertaining fireworks.

Yesterday Shawn and I drove over to Leavenworth, Indiana and ate at the Overlook Restaurant, then drove up to French Lick and took a train ride w/ a staged robbery and went to the West Baden Springs Hotel, and then stopped at Shoney's on the way home for dinner. We had a great day and really enjoyed spending time with each other.

I'll make a separate post for each day to elaborate more and to post pictures.

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