Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Day Trip

On Monday, I knew I didn't want to lay around the house all day and I wanted us to go on a day trip somewhere.  Where to, I don't know, I just knew I wanted us to get out and do something.  Shawn didn't really want to and somewhat convinced me to just stay home.  Then I started thinking about the trip again and talked him into it.  We decided to drive over to Leavenworth, Indiana and eat at the Overlook Restaurant.  I have a friend at work who takes her mom there and they say it's good.  It was a nice little drive to get there - maybe about an hour and a half.  We had a yummy lunch with a great view of the Ohio River.  In fact, every seat in the restaurant has a great view of the river.  Shawn had ham and bean soup, a club sandwich and onion rings.  I ordered the roast beef manhatten with mashed potatoes and a salad.  Then I had to order a piece of coconut cream pie.  That is my fave dessert.  And when you walked in the restaurant there is a huge dessert case showing all of their desserts.  As soon as I saw the pie, I knew I was getting a piece. 

After lunch, we drove up to French Lick and went on a train ride at the Indiana Railway.  On this particular train ride, there was a staged robbery, and that added some fun to the already fun ride.  It was hot, but the windows of the train were open and it presented a nice breeze at times.  The train ride was 2 hours long and we saw a few historic landmarks along the way.  The train stopped midway through the ride in a little town for us to get out and stretch our legs, use the facilities and get a chance to meet/talk with the people that staged the robbery.  As always I took lots of pictures.

After the train ride, we went to the West Baden Springs Hotel and walked around the hotel and the grounds of the hotel.  It is really beautiful there and would be fun to stay there, however it is quite expensive.  I remember once as a little kid, we took a little trip here, however at the time we came, the hotel was run down and I don't think people were allowed to stay here.

On the ride home, Shawn kept telling me how much fun he had and was glad that we took the trip and that we will be taking more day trips like this in the future.  I was glad to hear that and am already planning our next one :)

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