Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Turkey Day 2009

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It's probably one of my favorite holidays of the year.  It's a time of good food and spending time with family that I don't normally see or talk to throughout the year.  We always had Thanksgiving at Granny's little old, blue house in Hatfield.  After she died, my momma started hosting the meal.  But this year, since momma lost the house, Shawn and I decided to have Thanksgiving at our house.  Because we have a small kitchen and living room, we had to set up some tables and chairs in the garage, but people didn't mind.  It gave us lots of room that way.  This year Shawn's parent's joined us for Thanksgiving, along with all of my mom's brothers and sisters and their families, minus one brother and his family.  They haven't been around in quite some time.  We had LOTS of food!  Uncle Dave deep-fried 3 turkeys (2 male and 1 female as you'll see in picture below...LOL!) and Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce made a ham and some BBQ deer (ewww!).  Mom made the dressing and then helped me cook the rest of the food - mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and rolls.  Aunt Dobie made her yummy coleslaw that I always request at family gatherings.  Then mom, Aunt Dobie, and Aunt Joyce made all kinds of desserts - pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, peach pie, and Texas sheetcake.  The only thing missing was Uncle Popeye's watergate salad and I heard about that!  Uncle Popeye has ALWAYS brought it to Thanksgiving.  I told him he didn't have to make it if he didn't want to cause there was so much other stuff.  Like I said....did I ever hear about it.  Next year, I will insist that he bring it!  Uncle Dave brought his four-wheeler for everyone to ride, but it was really cold this year, so it didn't get much riding.  It's now sitting in our garage for Shawn to ride, however he hasn't had the time to ride it yet.  I didn't take many pictures this year - mainly of Gavin.  It was his first Thanksgiving and he enjoyed some of the yummy food.

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