Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boonville Christmas Parade 2009

Sunday afternoon was the Boonville Christmas Parade. We've never been before and only went this year because Shawn's work, WOW, had a float in the parade. We went because of that was going to ride on the wagon or walk beside it. We ended up riding in the back of the bucket truck and boy am I ever glad. That parade is huge, with more than 117 entries and the route was long. Someone even told me that this year it was a longer route than normal. Shawn wore his Santa hat and I was bundled up tight for the frigid temperatures that day. We enjoyed riding on the float, passing out candy to the kids of all ages and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Spongebob was the theme of the float and they had an employee dressed in the Spongebob outfit. He was the hit of the parade. Everyone wanted to run out and meet him and have their picture taken with him. We'll defintely be going to the parade again next year - whether we are in a float, or just spectaters on the ground.

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