Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year older!  I can't believe I'm already 34.  Seems just like the other day I was turning 16, then 21, then 30, and now 34.  Next year when I'm 35, I'll be halfway to 70.  Good Lord, I don't even want to think about that!!  This year was probably one of the best birthdays I've had in a LONG time!!  Shawn sent me flowers to work Friday and then that night I went birthday shopping for a new purse and we went to dinner at Outback.  Shawn took off work on Saturday and we went to the Rockport Christmas Parade and spent the day with mom, Beth, Tommy, and Gavin.  After the parade, we all came back home and mom made me homemade chicken and dumplings for my birthday dinner.  We also had mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans.  I got a birthday cake from Hacienda, however it wasn't as good as I remembered it and now I wished I would of gotten a cake from Piece of Cake.  After dinner we did cake and presents.  Mom got me a package of socks, which I was excited about.  LOL!!  I've been needing to get some new short, white socks and just haven't done it.  I think she was tired of hearing me complain about the pair I had on at Thanksgiving that kept sliding down in my shoes.  Then Beth and Tommy got me a snowglobe that you can put a picture in, and Gavin got me an award for being the WORLD'S BEST AUNT!  It's too cute and I have it hanging up at work.  The Robinson's stopped by for a little bit and brought me my birthday presents.  I got this really fun picture from Kirlands that has 2 hands a heart and says.... and then a keychain fob with my name embroidered on it.  Zoe also made me a cute card.  She's my bestest little buddy :)

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