Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Making of Mimi's Christmas Present

Last Saturday, Beth and I took Gavin to Mitchell's Art Academy & Clay Studio in Newburgh to make a special Christmas present for my mom (Mimi).  She loves cookie jars and has collected alot of them, but when she moved from the house, she had to pack them all up.  Now that she's in her apartment, there isn't alot of room for them, so she doesn't have any out.  I thought of the idea of having Gavin make her one, that way she would have one out and it would be a special one.  I knew I wanted a white cookie jar with Gavin's handprints all over it in different colors and for the front to say Mimi's Cookies.  Well it all worked, except for the different colors of handprints.  It was messy and Gavin wanted to play in the paint!  We ended up with 3 handprints (or should I say 3 half handprints) all in green.  And my handwriting isn't the greatest without lines and on a rounded jar, so the writing isn't very good either.  Beth ended up painting some flowers on the lid as well.  I'm sure once it's all fired and ready for use, it will look better.  Regardless of what it looks like, I KNOW my mom will LOVE it, especially since it's from Gavin. 

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