Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving has come and gone, too bad all the weight I gained yesterday won't do the same thing. We had Thanksgiving at my mom's house like we have had every year since Grandma Goebel passed away. There was LOTS of yummy food and LOTS of family there. My mom's house is entirely too small for all those people and I still have a headache from it all, but it was a good time. I am truly blessed.

Trenton coloring his letter to Santa. This kid is too cute!

Frass in her party dress.

There is my Hersey Bell and his Aunt Besses.

All the kids (minus Turtle).

Turtle following in his Aunt Stacey's footsteps. Sminle :)

Uncle Dave and "Cuz" Hope

Shawn and AJ. Shawn spent the entire day and night on the four wheelers. Maybe Santa will bring him one next year.

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