Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you Lord for protecting me.

The Lord truly is a blessing in our lives. Sunday evening on our way to Church, Shawn and I experienced his protecting hand upon us. I had just gotten to the bottom of the ramp at Green River Road and I-164 to turn right onto Green River Road. There was a car coming, so I stopped instead of merging onto the road. The car was going a lot slower than I thought so I told Shawn I should of gunned it. Then just a few minutes later, as we get close to the road that our church sits on, two vehicles came tearing through the intersection without stopping and ran the stop sign. If I hadn’t of yielded for those few seconds earlier, those two vehicles would of hit us in the driver’s side of the car. Thank you Lord for keeping your protection upon as we traveled to your house to worship you.

There was one other time in my life that I can recall so vividly that this very thing happened. I was sitting at a stop light downtown and just as it turned green for me to go, a little old lady started across the crosswalk. I had to sit there and wait for her and I remember complaining because she was walking so slowly. I immediately felt conviction for this and said a prayer of apology to God. At the very next stop light, right as I got up to the light to turn left, a car came barreling through a red light and would of taken out the driver’s side of the car. But because of that little old lady, I was spared. What an amazing God we serve!

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MeChele said...

Preach it sister! God's hand is at work every day in amazing ways! Glad you guys are o.k.!!!! I've learned a lesson in humility this week, not to take water for granted. The town had a water main break and we were w/out water yesterday. God humbled me fast and made me realize that this is the way some people live. Ouch, that hurt!