Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hummer Tour

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today was the last day of our vacation in Gatlinburg and we planned a hummer tour at noon today. We got up early and got ready and packed everything, loaded the car and checked out of the hotel. We drove into Gatlinburg to pay for the tour and get direction to our destination. We drove through the Foothills Parkway and got some pictures at a pull-off before going to the hummer. Once at the hummer tours, there was the driver and three other couples on the tour with us. Once we all climbed into the hummer, we were off. We drove for a few miles before reaching the point of the tour. While I was a bit nervous about the whole time, it was quite fun. I would highly recommend doing it if you are every in Gatlinburg. It had rained a couple days before, so the trails were muddy and full of mud holes which made for an even more enjoyable ride for me. NOT! Once the tour was over, Shawn and I headed to Nashville to Wendy and Pedro’s House where we settled in for the night. Tomorrow we will head home, stop at Heather and Bowen’s to pick up our puppy, and will be oh so ever glad to sleep in our own bed again. While I always enjoy our vacations, I always enjoy going home and relaxing for a few days before going back to work.


MeChele said...

Glad you had fun! I love Gatlinburg but have never been brave to go in the fall. The places you listed you ate at, they all sound good! Have a great week!

Joy said...

oOOH! That does sound fun! I have family that lives in Colorado and they've told me about their Jeep club trips. Should at that too my Bucket List!