Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another trip to Holiday World

We ventured out to Holiday World again last Sunday. The park was a little bit more crowded than the last time we went and the weather was a little bit more warmer. But neither one dampered our fun. I went with Heather and the kids, and then Chrystal, Braidon, and Nathan joined us via my free tickets I had left. Sunday was the last day they were open for the season, so we had to put those free tickets to use. We had a great time. Brenton and Nathan ran around together and rode the roller coasters and raging rapids, while we all went around riding the kiddie rides and some adult rides. It was Braidon's first time to Holiday World and after a few little mishaps, he had a blast. And has a new best friend...Heather.

Both Zoe and Braidon were non-to-thrilled to see Santa Claus, much less have their picture taken with him. I told Santa that he should be expecting my Christmas letter and list any day now. HA! I actually should of showed Santa what he already brought me for Christmas. HAHA!!

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